Fixa Idea
bold what applies to you: tumblr edition
  • I am in one fandom
  • I am in more than one fandom
  • I am not in any fandoms
  • I have less than 1,000 posts
  • I have 1,000-10,000 posts
  • I have 10,000-25,000 posts
  • I have 25,000-50,000 posts
  • I have 50,000+ posts
  • I have edited the html of my theme
  • I am using a default theme from the theme garden
  • I am following less than 100 blogs
  • I am following 100-500 blogs
  • I am following 500+ blogs
  • I have no tracked tags
  • I have less than 10 tracked tags
  • I have 10+ tracked tags
  • I have no saved urls
  • I have less than 10 saved urls
  • I have 10-50 saved urls
  • I have 50+ saved urls
  • I have liked less than 100 posts
  • I have liked 100-1,000 posts
  • I have liked 1,000-10,000 posts
  • I have liked 10,000-50,000 posts
  • I have liked 50,000+ posts
  • I made my own icon
  • I have no drafts
  • I have less than 10 drafts
  • I have 10-50 drafts
  • I have 50+ drafts
  • I have no posts in my queue
  • I have less than 100 posts in my queue
  • I have 100-500 posts in my queue
  • I have 500+ posts in my queue (only goes to 300..)
  • I have 0-1,000 followers
  • I have 2,000-5,000 followers
  • I have 5,000-10,000 followers
  • I have 10,000+ followers
  • I use xkit
  • I use another tumblr extension
  • I have no messages in my inbox
  • I have less than 100 messages in my inbox
  • I have 100-1,000 messages in my inbox
  • I have 1,000-5,000 messages in my inbox
  • I have 5,000+ messages in my inbox
  • I have 1 blog
  • I have 2-5 blogs
  • I have 5+ blogs


Enjolras and Grantaire’s death from “Shoujo Cosette”







My medieval servant boy has gone missing. I’ll just use Google to see if I can find him.


Oh bother.

I still say this was hilarious fuck you guys





From Robert Pattinson to George Blagden, how invested are you in playing your character?


Confession/Unpopular Opinion: I honestly am completely bewildered by the amount of fans there are of the random barricade rebels from Les Mis. Is it because of yaoi bait? Or is it because the book gives them all more character? Because if we go by the musical they really…seem like they’re just there to die.

So, honest question: if you are a fan of the barricade boys, why do you like them and who is it you like? I’m curious!

The book really does give them all detailed personalities and interesting relationships. Based on the musical alone I wouldn’t think much of them either.

Where do I even begin? I like their leader, Enjolras, because he’s one of those outwardly cold, rational, detached and logical characters I tend to like.
I like his second-in-command, Combeferre, because he’s a gentle scholar.
I like the tag-along drunkard, Grantaire because he’s a cynical bastard and has a fascinating (if one-sided) relationship with Enjolras.

Honestly, I like all of them but these three are my favourites.

My first mistake with the Mary Sue rant was probably including the word ‘feminism’. I’ve been lurking around Tumblr enough, I really should have known better. I’ll try my best to refrain from anything that can even imagined to be politically charged in the future.


it’s just not worth the trouble omg

of course angua’s been called a mary sue; she’s a werewolf, she’s dating the long-lost heir to the throne, she’s literally considered ‘one of the guys’, and she’s one of the most dangerous members of the watch to cross.

also if your oc doesn’t in some way warp the narrative, that’s probably a sign of bad writing js. this is why ‘mary sue’ is a fundamentally useless term.

I mostly had ‘canon’ characters in mind. There seem to be multiple definitions of a ‘Mary Sue’ out there and I may not be using it correctly.


fixa-idea replied to your post “Currently reading - ”A Tale of Two Cities”, page 25. Am I a complete…”

…My first brush with Les Misérables was the godawful 1992 cartoon…

I shudder to think…

Your screencap of the porkface-Enjolras is imprinted on my mind…

Thankfully the only characters I remembered were Valjean and little Cosette… I don’t think I ever watched it far enough for Les Amis to show up back then.




Complaint of the day: apparently Mary Sues are now a feminist issue, and a good thing. The logic behind this, if I understand it correctly, is that they are somehow empowering and that male characters get away with absurd levels of perfection anyway.

But, ladies, it is possible,…

And I get all that. I wrote this after coming across a couple of cartloads of posts here on Tumblr that were defending the concept of Mary Sue.

And yes, maybe the tendency is to nitpick more on female charactes, which is bad… But to defend my own post, I only used Bella as a bad example because the positive one was female too, so it seemed fair.

But Edward is far worse, there’s no doubt about that. (I made a post a while back, comparing two litmus tests, using him as control, he’s that much of an obvious Gary Stu.)

So, in conclusion, I failed to convey my point again. I was angry with those users who twisted the problem you detailed abowe into defending bad writing.

Hi, I’m butting in to point out in defence of @azurish’s points that Angua would also completely fail the Mary Sue litmus test: she’s a werewolf which makes her super speshul and gives her a tragic backstory, she’s dating the long lost heir to the Ankh Morpork throne, she’s considered one of the most dangerous members of the AM City Watch, she has canonically worked to be considered ‘one of the lads’ — because the Mary Sue litmus test is not a test of bad writing, it’s a catalogue of traits that make a character interesting. The Mary Sue label can be applied to literally any female character, and that is why the label is flawed. It is disproportionately applied to female characters and that is what people are pushing back against.

If you want to critique bad writing, by all means, go ahead. Just don’t use this label, because whatever its original purpose may have been, it’s current usage doesn’t explain anything useful aside from the fact that a reader doesn’t like a particular female character, and it plays into a lot of misogynistic expectations heaped upon women.

Yes, I see your point. The litmus tests are very far from perfect, they are more of a guideline for beginners than law. (And they can’t work with satire.)

I used the term ‘Mary Sue’ because it’s shorter than ‘that narrative-warping, attenion-hogging, often but not always overpowered snowflake’, but the definition really is pretty nebulous, I’ll try to be more precise in the future.